Kevin is a wedding specialist and is very much in demand at weddings. You can book Kevin as a close up magician who will mingle amongst your guests. Whilst you are going through the arduous task of having the pictures taken (A pleasant task may i add) I will be mingling around your guests providing some close up magic.

This is a great way for the guests who are on their own, or don’t know a lot of people, to feel comfortable as they are enthralled again and again with my ability to make magical things happen right in front of their eyes. This works well so your guests are not hanging around wondering how they can keep themselves occupied whilst the photographers do their jobs.

I am also able to go round the tables during your wedding breakfast, which ensures there are no lulls or times to fill during the day as everybody is encouraged to join in the entertainment. More and more people are looking for something different to keep the guests entertained during the day. Having a MAGICIAN there is proving increasingly popular.

No need for space, no need to set up large stages etc. I can work from my pockets to captivate your audience and make it a truly magical experience for everybody. If required Kevin can also hypnotise a couple of guests during his walk about and let them be the STAR by enacting some comedy routines.

When it comes to the evening Kevin again if required perform some more close up magic for your evening guests or you can book Kevin to do his COMEDY HYPNOSIS show on the stage area involving all of your audience. Contact Kevin to have a chat and Kevin will put a bespoke package together to suit your timings.

A good time to put the show on is either after the wedding breakfast and before the evening starts or at the beginning of your nights entertainment so all your guests (evening included) can enjoy the show and also having the opportunity of BEING THE STAR OF THE SHOW.