About Kevin Jay Comedy Hypnotist

With over 25 years and counting of entertaining the public Kevin Jay is one of the most complete entertainers in the UK.

With the “Kevin Jay Comedy Hypnosis Show” you are guaranteed a full night of comedy, laughter and of course “Audience Participation”

You can “Watch the show or Be the Show” whichever you choose you will go away feeing thoroughly entertained.

Kevin’s shows are fast paced and up to date with skits written by himself, not forgetting the classic skits where people turn into Elvis, Madonna, the hypnotist becoming invisible, and of course the X ray glasses.

These are classics for good reason, so they will always be in the show. Kevin regularly brings his show up to date so don’t be surprised if you see some routines which are currently the topic of peoples conversation.

Kevin is also open to ideas you may have to personalise the show to your liking, whether that be corporate or personal to the event you are hosting.
The suitability of the show ranges from large corporate events, weddings, general parties, pubs, clubs to colleges and universities.

You can choose if you want a fast-paced family show, which is suitable for having children in the audience, (You will only be invited on stage to be hypnotised if you are over 18) or the adult show which is a little bit more raunchy and contains the odd swear word.

No one in any of the shows will be removing any items of clothing or will be doing anything sexual in any way, shape or form. So if you are looking for that type of show then please DO NOT book Kevin as he will always look after his volunteers and will NEVER do anything which will disrespect them.

Nobody will ever get picked on in your audience. With stage hypnosis, all subjects are willing volunteers.

Although you have probably watched shows or clips on Youtube etc, it’s always a 100 times funnier when you watch people you know live on stage doing things they would not normally do.

The volunteers are 100 per cent the STARS of the show. Kevin is quite happy to guide them through the night on stage helping them all become “Stars” for the night.

Kevin’s approach is fresh and unique bringing with him many new angles to hypnotism.

“It’s not about embarrassing people or making them do things they may not want to do.

My hypnotised subjects enjoy the show and have as much fun as the audience.”

“My aim is to ensure when you leave my show you will remember it for many years to come. It can be a little bit naughty, a little bit crazy but it will be extremely entertaining.”

The Kevin Jay comedy hypnosis show is a fully self contained show (We provide the pa if reqd) and can run from a 1 hour show, 90 min up to a 2 hour extravaganza. (Depending on requirements)


Is it safe and do I go to sleep ?
Hypnosis is completely safe. Although we use the word sleep. Our volunteers do not actually go to sleep as we know it. If they did they would not be able to hear the instructions given to them. All they are doing is transferring from there conscious mind to their sub conscious mind. They are at all times fully aware of where they are, and what they are doing. In fact if the hypnotist requests them to do something against their morals or religion, they simply will not do it.

What if I don’t want to be hypnotised and I get picked on ?
You can NOT be hypnotised against your will. If you don’t want to experience the feeling of being hypnotised then just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. We 100 per cent rely on volunteers to take part in the show,so you will not be picked on in any way too take part. As earlier explained you cannot be hypnotised against your will so the last thing the hypnotist is going to do is pick on someone who does not feel comfortable appearing in the show.

What if I volunteer and change my mind during the show ?
If you change your mind at any point about being on stage or you feel uncomfortable in any way, just raise your hand and Kevin will respectfully bring you round and put you safely back in the audience. (This has never happened) The reason being when you are hypnotised you feel very relaxed and you really enjoy the suggestions given to you by the hypnotist. Its been said that 1 hours hypnosis is the equivalent to 8 hours solid sleep. One of the reasons is when people come out of hypnosis people ALWAYS feel refreshed and positive. More often than not if anyone has been hypnotised before, they are more than happy to be hypnotised again. Especially as they know they will enjoy the experience and will come back off the stage feeling better than when they went on it,
​​​​​​​Will I wake up ?
Because you are not actually asleep you will always be aware of what you are doing and where you are. You just enjoy what the hypnotist asks you to do.


People with good imagination. Its a proven fact that the better your imagination the more likely it is you will be a good subject. The better your imagination, the better and funnier subject you will be.

People with good concentration. Again the better your concentration the more likely you will be a good subject. You must be able to concentrate and be able to follow some simple instructions to be hypnotised. Put the two together. Imagination and concentration and you will probably be the star of the show. The better your concentration, the better your imagination. The more likely it will be that you will be hypnotised and be one of the “Stars of the Show”.

The most important part is “You must take it seriously” If you take it seriously, have good imagination and good concentration then you WILL be hypnotised and you WILL be one of the stars of the show. If you do not take it seriously you will not be hypnotised, so the hypnotist will just send you back to your seat and you will be unable to experience first hand the feeling of being hypnotised.


Although everybody can be hypnotised. There are certain types of people who we prefer not to volunteer for the shows.

People who are drunk. If you have had too much to drink please do not volunteer. A couple of beers etc is fine, but if you have had too much then you are probably hypnotised anyway so you will be unable to follow the simple instructions the hypnotist will give you.

If you are pregnant then we would prefer you not to volunteer. You can be hypnotised, but as some of the skits can be more energetic than others, you know your body better than the hypnotist so we prefer you to watch the show in comfort.

People with any mental issues schizophrenic, epilepsy etc please do not volunteer.
Most importantly we don’t want any idiots on stage. By idiot (as im a self confessed idiot) I mean don’t volunteer if you are not going to take it seriously. If you have the attitude of, “Come on then, bet you cant hypnotise me” then don’t bother because you would be correct. YOU CANNOT HYPNOTISE ANYBODY WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE HYPNOTISED OR AGAINST SOMEBODYS WILL. So if you do have that attitude you are just wasting your own, the hypnotists but more importantly the audiences time which of course eats into the showtime. So again we respectfully ask you to let people who want to experience hypnosis the opportunity instead